Female Rhinoplasty

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Female rhinoplasty is a surgical nose procedure performed for correcting as well as reconstructing the shape of the women nose while restoring its functions and enhancing its aesthetic value. Female noses are ideally slimmer and smaller than the male noses with a slight dorsum upcurve that gives a more elegant result.

Types of Female Rhinoplasty

Women rhinoplasty procedure addresses both the function and appearance of a female nose. The best rhinoplasty surgeons are capable of correcting a range of nose flaws, including:

Functional Rhinoplasty: such as curing obstructed breathing, snoring problems, straightening a woman’s crooked nose, changing the tip of the drooping down nose, etc.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty: such as moderating the length of a person’s nose, making a nose wide or narrow, reducing the nose hump, nostril reduction, etc.

Revision Rhinoplasty: such as correcting a contracted nose, previous implant removal, remedying an incorrect nose surgery (previously done), etc.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: refining a post-trauma nose, a saddle nose, cleft nose, or other congenital deformities, etc.

Benefits of Female Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty in women mainly highlights the subtlety involved in a nose plastic surgery before and after. A small alteration in the nose can profoundly improve its orientation and balance the face. This means, a small proportion of change in the features, if executed with precision, can lead to beautiful and natural outcomes. A nose surgeon’s job is not to alter the appearance in a way that it becomes difficult for the friends to identify you, but to improve your features that blend well with your facial structure along with overall personality. Only a highly trained surgeon is capable of making well versed and subtle changes to indicate the best rhinoplasty results.

Some of the key issues that can be easily corrected with a rhinoplasty surgery include:

  • Removing or decreasing the hump size
  • Correcting collapsed nostrils or a deviated septum
  • Reducing the width or overall length of the bridge
  • Vertical alignment of the nose
  • Refining the nose tip to remove a hook or excess cartilage
  • Correcting nasal malfunction like:
  • Frequent sinus infections
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sinus headache
  • Dry throat
  • Diminished sense of smell

Female Rhinoplasty Procedure

During the initial consultation, a surgeon explains at length about the entire procedure – i.e., whether an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty technique will be performed. Accordingly, incisions (in a closed rhinoplasty procedure) are made that will remain hidden inside the nostrils with no external scars on the nose. Alternatively, if the open procedure is recommended by the surgeon then the incision will be made across the columella in order to gain access to the nose structures that are required to be modified and repaired. Following the surgery, the patient’s nose is splinted and taped.

Female Rhinoplasty: Recovery Time

A normal female recovery surgery, in general, takes seven to ten days to recover swelling and regular bruising. Any other marks gradually resolve over the following weeks. Some of the common rhinoplasty recovery tips as advised by a surgeon include:

  • Avoiding any strenuous activity for a few weeks to facilitate the body to adequately heal
  • Keeping away from contact sports (like soccer, basketball, etc.) for approximately eight weeks
  • Stringently following the pre and post operation routine
  • Regularly visiting the doctor to discuss complications, if any.
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