Hump Nose

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Removing an individual’s hump from the nose bridge is, by far, one of the trickiest jobs in rhinoplasty. Different people may have different sizes of the nasal hump. Some patients may even have a small bump in their nose and opt for Korea nose surgery.

Hump nose is mostly commonly seen in Caucasians, Indians or patient with previous nasal surgeries. A narrow nose with a hump can also cause breathing difficulties. Regardless of the size of the hump, a rhinoplasty surgery can always help a person to correct both the functional and aesthetic aspects of their nose by reducing the hump size. Functional evaluation including a nasal endoscopic examination should be considered to localize and target concomitant functional problems.

Causes of Hump Nose Abnormalities

A narrow nose can be attributed to one of the following reasons:
Genetic Inheritance: In the majority of people, a nasal hump is attributed to the genetic factor. The nose of people with a hump gives an impression of a broken nose.
Trauma: A dorsal hump usually comprises of a combination of cartilage and bone, even though the proportions may vary from person to person. In some patients, a major trauma may lead to a misbalance in this proportion, thereby to an asymmetrical nose shape.

Drugs: Some patients may endure a hump on their nose due to perpetual drug abuse.

Treatment: Hump Nose Rhinoplasty

One of the foremost responsibilities of rhinoplasty doctor while removing the hump is to carve down the proportion of cartilage and bone to appropriately remove the nasal hump. During the procedure, the upper most part of the patient’s tissue bone forming a concave shape, making the nose a little scooped out, is proportioned in line with the lower most part of the bone tissues while maintaining the ethnic/family features. Besides, factors such as, age, height, sex, and a range of other factors are also considered by a doctor. This means, the entire face of the person needs to suitably synchronize with the overall facial framework.

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