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People having a large nose often exhibit an excessively protruding nose from their face, causing a disharmony to their overall facial structure. For individuals having the nasal tip that stands far from their face are known to have a nose over projection. This is, by far, the most common cause of dissatisfaction amongst the patients having these profiles.
Once again, the correction of a large nose requires a careful analysis to decide where the unwanted mass is located. In Caucasians and Indians, this is usually from an excess of bone and cartilage. In Orientals and Southeast Asians, the bulk is caused by excess skin and fibrofatty tissue overlying deficient cartilage. Concurrent reinforcement of the cartilage structure and reduction of the soft tissue is required to yield the best results.

Causes of Large Nose Deformity

Some of the common factors that lead to a large nose in an individual comprises of:

Hereditary Deformities: In some patients, a large nose is the result of genetic factors. Such a deformity may develop in the foetus itself.

Absent Patellae: This is a rare disease characterized by the underdeveloped scrotum, uncommon facial appearance, mental retardation, and absent kneecaps.

Nose Surgery Went Wrong: At times, nose surgeries go wrong that may lead to the relocation of an unwanted nose, resulting in a large nose in patients.

Rhinophyma: This is one of the common causes of the large nose in people caused by inflation in the fatty skin glands of the adults.

Use of Drugs: Excess use of drugs or drug abuse is another frequent reason of large nose deformity in an individual.


A range of techniques are available to correct an over projected nose. One such technique is cosmetic rhinoplasty, which is nose correction surgery whereby a rhinoplasty surgeon determines the requisite changes in the tip region to improve a patient’s nasal appearance. Another possible concept widely used by a nose job surgeon in this scenario is reduction rhinoplasty. In this technique, a planned nasal surgery is performed to reduce the overall size of an individual’s large nose. In this, a large nose is addressed in 3 explicit areas, viz., the tip area, the width of the patient’s nose, and the nasal hump.

To accurately address the requisite changes as well as to maintain a proper proportion of your nose, consult a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon and seek professional help to reshape and modify the desired nose shape. This will not only improve your facial appearance, but also restore your self-confidence.

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