Long Nose

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What is A Long Nose?

According to Dr. Tan, a nose is considered too long if it occupies >1/3 of the face. This condition is also referred as ‘Pinocchio Nose’ or ‘’Hawk Nose’’ that gives a disproportionate look to a person’s face. To fix an over-projected nose of a patient is a challenging job and requires a careful analysis by rhinoplasty specialists to see if it is a real or apparent lengthening. Apparent lengthening can be caused by a hanging columella, drooping tip, narrow dorsum or a long hump

Lifting of a drooping tip is usually performed on Asians while Westerner customers usually opt for fixing a long hump.

At The Rhinoplasty Clinic, long nose corrections are done under the close observation of Dr. Tan Kar Su – a renowned ENT practitioner with sub-specialization in the field of Facial Plastics Surgery.

Candidates for Long Nose Rhinoplasty

Correction of long nose is mainly recommended for patients with:

  • Genetic nose deformities by birth
  • Unhappy with the nose asymmetry
  • Previous rhinoplasty surgery went wrong

How To Correct Long Nose?

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is often performed to reduce the size or length of the nose by resizing the tip cartilages and nasal bone. In order to moderate the size of an individual’s nasal bone, the width and height of the nose need to be reduced congruently. At the same time, a rhinoplasty surgeon must take care of the underlying cartilage to impart a newly shaped nose structure to the patient in a more balanced proportion, as desired.

Correction of a long nose is a more complex procedure as compared to the normal rhinoplasty operation. It is advisable that the patients visit the best plastic surgery clinic in Korea that have the best nose job surgeons offering excellent rhinoplasty results along with well-equipped hi-tech medical equipment required for appropriately performing the surgery.

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