Male Rhinoplasty

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Male nose correction surgery or male rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, which entails changing the structure, size, and shape of the nose. Since strong straight noses are desired by the male patients, this procedure takes into account reshaping their cartilage and nasal bones to produce a harmonious and balanced nose that perfectly blends their his facial features.

Unlike the female rhinoplasty, the dorsum of the patient needs to be wider and straight, without an upward curve. Also, the male noses tend to be broader to remain harmonious with the typically stronger facial features.

In most cases, a surgeon may recommend a male rhinoplasty to:

  • Narrow the nose bridge
  • Straighten the crooked nose of the patient
  • Narrow/Widen the nostrils
  • Reshape the nose tip
  • Modify the angle between the patient’s upper lip and nose

Why Do You Need Male Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty is increasingly gaining popularity due to some explicit factors, such as:

Improved Appearance: More and more men today prefer to opt for nose reshaping & reconstructive surgery as they appreciate the way they look. Male patients seek nose plastic surgery as they are no longer constrained by the old stigma that pronounces only women, models, and actors can get plastic surgery done.

Boosts Self Esteem: As today’s society is more focused on a person’s aesthetic aspects, one of the positive incentives of performing male rhinoplasty is that the surgery helps in increasing confidence of a person. A well-skilled rhinoplasty surgeon is capable of helping you achieve your goals while maintaining your ethnic features.

Fixing Functional Problems: In some cases, male rhinoplasty is also performed to correct issues like deviated septum.

Sorting out An Long-standing Injury: A male nose job is also performed to repair injuries caused by an accident, such as falling off from bike, getting hit by a football, or a fractured/broken nose.

Male Rhinoplasty – Side Effects, Risks & Complications

The procedure, in most cases, takes about two hours and is usually performed under general anaesthesia. So, the patients may essentially stay overnight in the hospital. Since most of the nose surgery incisions are completed within the nose itself, so there are usually no scars. However, in some of the rhinoplasty procedures, an incision may be mad in the nostrils skin (known as open rhinoplasty) that may leave some fine scars. These incisions are closed with the dissolvable stitches that disappear over a period of time.

Post-Surgery Risks and Complications

At times, the nose of the patient may be swollen or bruised after surgery. Besides, some patients may have dressings in their nostrils that may complicate the breathing process. In such cases, the doctor provides pain relief medications and splint over the nose to assist with any discomfort

Recovery Time

The duration varies in accordance with the patient history and the type of surgery performed. It frequently differs between two weeks to a few months.

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