Narrow Nose

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Even though the narrow nose problems are rarely seen compared to wide nose deformities, nonetheless Caucasians and Indians are commonly seen to encounter these nasal distortions. Not only narrow nose leads to functional difficulties like breathing problems, it also causes disproportionate facial structure. Functional evaluation including a nasal endoscopic examination should be done to localize and target concomitant functional problems

Causes of Narrow Nose Abnormalities

A narrow nose can be attributed to one of the following reasons:

Genetic Reasons: In most of the cases, a narrow nose is caused by a narrow tip or a narrow nose bridge due to heredity factors.
Button Nose Rhinoplasty: Some women may undergo button nose rhinoplasty that may lead to nose too narrow after rhinoplasty. The surgery may cause pinched nasal tips, which is another important reason of a narrow nose in a person.
Accidents: A number of patients endure narrow nose defect post a severe accident causing a narrow nose bridge with a dorsal hump. Besides, in some patients, an accident may lead to a collapsed nasal bones or cartilage, leading to an irregular nose shape.

Treatment: Narrow Nose Rhinoplasty

Most rhinoplasty surgeons perform cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures to correct the narrow tip of a person. By marginally taking down the nose bridge height of a person, his/her nose ridge can become more rounded or flatter, or, leading to a slightly wider nasal structure. This can be performed through osteotomy procedure or open rhinoplasty to bring the nasal bone slightly inwards without reducing the size of bridge height. Alternatively, your doctor may use other cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures after a careful examination to check the best treatment option for you.

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