Short Nose

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What is A Short Nose?

A short nose ideally occupies about 1/3rd of the vertical height of the face, and is considered shortened when it occupies less than 1/3. Such kind of nose has over exposed nostrils from the front. For this reason, in medical terminology, it is also referred as an upturned nose.

In cosmetic rhinoplasty, short nose correction is considered as the most difficult nose job as it requires an in-depth understanding of the nose anatomy. A combination of techniques including raising the position of the radix, turning the tip downwards, or extending a recessed columella is generally used, depending on the facial analysis. Special attention needs to be given to the patient’s forehead, hairline and chin position during correction. Only a well-experienced nose plastic surgeon is capable of generating satisfactory outcomes.

Candidates for Short Nose Rhinoplasty

The treatment of short nose rhinoplasty is predominately recommended for people with:

  • Short/ upturned nose by birth
  • Overexposed nostrils, especially observed in Korean men
  • Disappointed with previous rhinoplasty

How To Correct Short Nose?

Short nose correction can be done by using the surgical methods. Most of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world have observed that a short nose encompasses an angle ≥110° from the nose tip and lips, which leads to overexposed nostrils. To correct this distortion via a nose cosmetic surgery, appropriate precautions need to be taken as an inappropriate implant can further shorten the patient’s nose.

Extending Nose Via Cartilage Surgery: This method is widely used in South Korea surgery and is considered as ideal for Korean nose job men to correct the facial ratio. In this method, upper cartilage of the nose is cut and fixed downwards to make the cartilage look longer from downwards.

Cartilage Transplantation: If the above surgery does not indicate desired results, cartilage transplant is often recommended by the nose plastic surgeons. In this method, an additional cartilage is transplanted between the wing and septal cartilage to enhance the length of the patient’s nose tip.

Rhinoplasty: Post cartilage transplantation, if a patient needs to raise the nose tip or widen nose bridge, then a cosmetic surgery for nose is performed. In this method, your surgeon may use an implant for nose bridge and a cartilage for improving the nose tip.

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