Unequal Nostrils

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Nostril asymmetry is most commonly seen in patients with deviated septum, cleft palates or previous rhinoplasty. Correction requires careful analysis of the underlying cause of the unequal nostrils, whether it is excess skin, deviated caudal septum, and columella or skin scarring.

What Causes Unequal Nostrils?

Some of the common reasons of uneven nostrils include:

  • Some people are born with the nostril asymmetry disorder
  • People with a deviated or twisted caudal septum
  • People with asymmetric nasal tip cartilages
  • Previous rhinoplasty surgery went wrong

Treatment For Unequal Nostrils

The best plastic surgery clinic in Korea generally goes for constructive or cosmetic rhinoplasty to rebuild the caudal septal deformity of an individual’s nose as a first step in fixing the nostril asymmetries. This involves either:

(i) repositioning of the existing nasal septum, or
(ii) removing the patient’s deviated section of cartilage along with its reconstruction by using a new and straight portion of cartilage. This is commonly taken from the person’s different portion of the septum.

Once the rhinoplasty surgeon places the caudal septum in the midline, the columella is subsequently secured by using sutures. The procedure makes sure a stable columellar and tip complex together with a long-lasting improvement to the patient’s nostril asymmetry.

To check out before and after pictures of asymmetric or unequal nostril rhinoplasty, visit our clinic!

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