Wide Nose

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Apparent nose widening can be caused by the lack of projection. This is especially true in males, where the nose structures are typically wider. To correct a wide nose, it is imperative to seek the help of a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon as simply raising the nose bridge can unbalance the facial appearance of a person. Besides, the thickness and length of the nose bridge need to be carefully considered while considering the nose job surgery.
For this reason, best plastic surgery clinics in Korea always perform a careful analysis of the patient’s face to check whether osteotomies, tip narrowing, or alar base reduction techniques can be done to correct the required nose widening

Causes of Wide Nose

Some of the common reasons of a wide nose bridge in people include:
Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome: In some patients, fatal diseases and ailments may lead to such deformities.

Drugs: It is further observed that a wide nose imperfection may develop in the foetus itself if the mother takes drugs like Hydantoin during the pregnancy.

Hereditary Factor: A wide nose may appear as a normal facial feature among individuals with a family history of having such wider noses.

Other Congenital Condition: There are other genetic factors that may lead to nose deformity in the foetus itself in the early period of the pregnancy.

Treatment For A Wide Nose

To address the problem of a wider nose, most of the nose surgeons recommend open rhinoplasty whereby excess cartilage and bone is removed by making small incisions underneath a patient’s nose skin along with gently elevating the person’s nose by adding soft tissues to reshape their nasal framework.

In some cases, a rhinoplasty surgeon may also narrow the wide tip of patient’s nose or reduced an overly wide alar base to change the overall appearance of their nose. This is performed with a common objective of providing a well-proportioned nose to the person that matches with his/her personality.

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