Cleft Nose and other congenital deformities

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Cleft Noses & Other Congenital Deformities

Development of congenital nasal abnormalities encompasses diverse conditions, such as:

  • Hypoplasia & Atrophy
  • Neoplasms & vascular anomalies
  • Hyperplasia & duplications
  • Clefts

These anomalies, including clefts, occur due to a spectrum of malformations that range from minor grooves developed at the side of a person’s nose to major nose defects necessitating complex surgery. These congenital deformities are frequently associated with problems like Goldenhar’s syndrome and cleft lip and palate.

Cleft noses are disfiguring and can cause significant psychosocial problems. These can be corrected to restore to a normal appearance. However, this may take several surgeries over a course of months to years to achieve the desired result.

Cleft Nose Rhinoplasty

The reconstruction of a cleft nose deformity or cleft nose rhinoplasty is considered as a significantly different and difficult procedure in comparison to a standard rhinoplasty procedure as the anatomy of an individual’s cleft nose is twisted with misrepresented cartilage shape. In addition, their nose is often depicted with a scar tissue as a result of previously performed surgeries.

It is important to note that:

  • Cleft lip nose revision is usually performed for patient below the age of one year
  • In some patient with post cleft nose rhinoplasty, the nasal deformity may continue to persist
  • An open rhinoplasty technique is usually performed to modify and adjust the nose cartilage in an appropriate proper position

Dr. Tan combines the principles of nasal reconstruction to cosmetic rhinoplasty in order to restore the function of the patient’s nose while fixing the cleft nasal deformity. He deploys individualized techniques to shape the nose of each patient and uses a sequence of suture as well as cartilage grafting methods to attain the desired outcomes. Being the best rhinoplasty surgeon, he aims at improving the nasal function and appearance of each cleft nose.

Post Cleft Nose Rhinoplasty

Patients with cleft nose deformity reconstruction may occasionally experience bruise around their cheeks and eyes as well as nose swelling for following the surgery. Therefore, a nasal stent or nasal splint may be applied to the patient’s nose for seven days to minimize swelling. However, the patients can resume their normal activities after two weeks.

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