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10 Myths on Cosmetic Rhinoplasty… debunked!!

10 Myths on Cosmetic Rhinoplasty… debunked!!

Rhinoplasty is a poorly understood subject, and many people still hold misconceptions that are perhaps valid a few decades ago, but not in this day. How many of this misconceptions do you have? Challenge yourself and read on!

Myth #1: I must insert a silicone or some “plastic” material

Truth: This is definitely not the case. Silicone is only inserted if after analysis, more dorsal height is needed. In many cases, this is not required.


Myth #2: I will look unnatural and obvious that some work has been done

Truth: A properly performed rhinoplasty will look natural. Only when nasal proportions are not followed, will the nose look unnatural. Another reason is when there is no due consideration to what augmentation is required, how much, patient skin type, face type. Looking natural is about shaping the nose to the right proportion and size, that suits the other facial features.


Myth #3: I can look beautiful like a superstar after rhinoplasty

Truth: There are 3 factors to determine the outcome of rhinoplasty 1. Surgeon factors; 2.Patient factors; 3.Operation factors. There is a limit to what the surgeon can do if the patient has thick skin for example. It is vital to have a realistic expectation based on an understanding of these 3 factors. Make sure your surgeon goes through these with you carefully.


Myth # 4: It is painful

Truth: Rhinoplasty can be painful no doubt, but with good care and analgesia, the pain is definitely tolerable. In fact, you will more likely experience temporary nasal numbness than persistent pain. The discomfort is not so much the pain than the swelling.


Myth # 5: All nose jobs are similar

Truth: Every nose is different! In fact, I would go so far to say that no two noses are identical. The surgery has to be customised to each individual, based on a careful analysis of not just the nose but the face, to decide which parts of the nose need augmentation, which parts reduction, and which parts need more support.


Myth #6: It’s a quick and simple operation and any surgeon can perform it

Truth: A proper rhinoplasty is a deeply complex surgery requiring a very nuanced understanding of nasal anatomy and function. It is certainly not an issue of “just inserting an implant in 45 minutes”. Look around at all the botched up nose jobs even superstars suffer from and you may start to understand why it’s not as simple as it seems. As mentioned above, you need an experienced and trained surgeon who can do a proper nasal and facial analysis, to identify the correct surgical plan, the technical skills to execute the plan and the infrastructure to ensure proper post op care. It takes a lot of commitment and certainly not every surgeon performs the same kind of nose job, even though they call the surgery by the same name.


Myth #7: It is only for women

Truth: Many men go for rhinoplasty too! Increasingly, we see men who wish to improve their image, but there are also many who sustained sports injury and accidents, and want to fix their broken noses. Snoring for example, is also more commonly seen in men and fixing their nose may be part of what’s required to treat the snoring. Blocked noses causing breathing problems affect men’s enjoyment of sports and exercise, and there are many men who want a rhinoplasty to sort such problems out.


Myth #8: Rhinoplasty is expensive and cannot be covered by insurance

Truth: Because of its complexity, rhinoplasty can sometimes be expensive. However, because rhinoplasty can often be covered partially by insurance if you are undergoing rhinoplasty for blocked nose treatment, or treatment following accidents, it may be partially or even wholly covered by insurance.


Myth #9: Rhinoplasty will worsen my breathing problems

Truth: Only when improperly done by a surgeon with no understanding of nasal function. It is in fact performed to improve breathing problems.


Myth #10: I can get similar results with filler injection which is cheaper

Truth: Filler presents a perplexing conundrum in the realm of rhinoplasty. Filler, as the name suggests, is a procedure that adds bulk. More often than not, a proper nasal analysis reveals that while bulk may be required in some parts of the nose, other parts may actually require debulking, or strengthening, both of which filler cannot do.

Filler is considered the less “invasive” way to achieve some results, but do you know it can also result in complications far worse and more difficult to undo than rhinoplasty complications? Each time you get your filler injection, you are exposing yourself to the same risk.

Filler while “cheaper” to inject, is absorbable and requires repeat injection. Over time, the cost adds up to be as costly, if not, more than rhinoplasty. Each injection will also give you a different result. If you eventually desire rhinoplasty, the surgery is more complex due to the effect of filler material on the tissue, often raising the cost of surgery.


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