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Dr Tan

Dr Tan is a registered ENT practitioner subspecializing in the field of Facial Plastics Surgery. After completing his ENT training, he spent 1 year full time in Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic in Seoul, South Korea. Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic is a high volume rhinoplasty specialist centre. During his time there, Dr Tan performed several hundreds of rhinoplasties and facial bone surgeries on Korean and International patients.

Upon his return, Dr Tan served as a Consultant in the Facial Plastics Service of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital ENT Department, serving mainly patients in need of rhinoplasties for breathing and cosmetic problems. Dr Tan decided to leave KTPH to start The Rhinoplasty Clinic to devote more time and energy and to focus more on his passion that is Rhinoplasty.

Dr Tan Kar Su’s years of experience performing rhinoplasty in Korea and Singapore enabled him to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of Oriental and Caucasian Rhinoplasty. Both schools have their distinct philosophies and techniques, but more significantly, weaknesses and limitations. This overview enabled Dr Tan to combine and employ a hybrid of techniques from both schools for maximum control of the nasal form and function. He regularly keeps his repertoire of rhinoplasty techniques up to date with the latest advances at international masterclass rhinoplasty conferences and symposiums to ensure his patients  receive only the best. Coupled with his fixation with proper post operative care, Dr Tan aims to make rhinoplasty a predictable, safe and satisfying journey for his patients.

Dr Tan advocates using autologous (from own body) materials in rhinoplasties as he believes this is the safer, more natural and lasting option. He also feels the nose is not just about looking good, but functionally it has to perform well too. In this respect, his foundation in ENT gives him valuable insights to retaining or improving the functional aspect of the nose when he performs his rhinoplasties.

Dr Tan owes his deep gratitude to his mentors in NUS, the Singapore ENT and Facial Plastics fraternity and Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic, in particular, Professor Jung Dong Hak, Professor Han Seong Yik, Professor Chang Geun Uek and Professor Choi Woong Chul. He is ever grateful to these giants of their respective specialties for opening his eyes to new perspectives that cannot be easily taught in textbooks and lectures.

In addition to holding his position as the Medical Director of The Rhinoplasty Clinic, Dr Tan is also Visiting Consultant to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Changi General Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Dr Tan is fluent in English, Mandarin and Korean.

Our Staff/Meet Our Team

Ms Lee Minyoung is our Assistant Director. She is a Korean and had more than 10 years of working experience in the Aesthetic Surgery circuit in South Korea, having served in both nursing and management positions in various clinics in Seoul. She possesses a highly honed aesthetic sense, and together with her clinical experience and resourcefulness, is a highly valued member of our team. Ms Lee is fluent in Korean.

Ms Jennifer Chua is our spunky Singapore Manager. She is happy to assist you with all queries on rhinoplasty and for the petrolheads, she will happily engage you in car talk too! Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry previously, Jennifer now prefers to focus her attention on patients directly. Jennifer is fluent in English, Chinese, and Hokkien.

Ms Kim Chae Won is our Korean Manager. With her wealth of experience working in the Aesthetic Surgery Industry in Seoul, she is happy to share her insights with you. Her bubbly nature and attentiveness is sure to put you at ease! Chaewon is fluent in Korean and Chinese.

Erni is our beloved and chirpy Ms Know-It-All! Erni worked closely with Dr Tan since the days in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital where she was a nurse in the ENT department. Now, she has followed Dr Tan to the private sector where they continue to give their best to their patients. Ernie is fluent in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese (yes!).




The Rhinoplasty Clinic


Rhinoplasty is considered by many surgeons to be one of the most complex and unforgiving of all cosmetic surgeries. Complications can be notoriously daunting to manage. You probably can recall examples of celebrities, who, even with their stature and resources, cannot “undo” a bad nose job.

A true rhinoplasty specialist has full command, understanding and control over skin, cartilage, bones and nasal function to know what the limits are for each patient. Only then can he tailor the safest approach for each individual for the best outcome. This can only be achieved through years of focused training and experience in nasal function and nasal aesthetics.

At The Rhinoplasty Clinic, we seek to understand your requirements, and advise what is safe and achievable. We believe rhinoplasty does not need to be a scary and painful journey. Outcomes should be predictable, reproducible and ultimately, safe and functional. Each of our staff, from the receptionists to the medical team understands the special needs and problems of the rhinoplasty patient. This is to ensure your Rhinoplasty journey is as well-informed, safe and as comfortable as possible.

At The Rhinoplasty Clinic, we are committed to doing our rhinoplasties well. Our mission is your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our Philosophy


“a minute to learn, a lifetime to master”

Like many other things in life, surgery is a continuous journey of learning. This cannot be more true for Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a unique and intriguing surgery that captivates even the world masters with its variety and complexities.

It is our belief that only with such a single minded and dedicated approach, can we offer the best results and service to each and every of our patients. We believe that only in devoting and dedicating ourselves to the art and science, keeping up with the latest techniques and educating the next generation, can we achieve something meaningful in this unique and challenging field.


Rhinoplasty is in equal parts art and science, simultaneously technical and aesthetic. This is one of the reasons why it is often considered the most difficult cosmetic surgery. Failure to understand and recognize the science behind the art can lead to dysfunctional and disfiguring consequences. Failure to understand the aesthetic nuances beyond the physiology can likewise lead to an unsatisfied patient.


The nose takes centrestage on the face. A beautiful nose is one that is harmonious. “Harmony” is a term often loosely used to convey an abstract unquantifiable degree of beauty. What it really means is that the nose has to be in sync with the rest of the face. A svelte sharp nose will look odd on a strong masculine face. Similarly a strongly projected nose looks exceptionally out of place on a face with retruded chin, giving the person a bird-like appearance. Not only does a nose have to be in proportion and harmony with the face, in the same way, the ethnicity, social background and cultural influences have to be taken into consideration to give the patient a nose that is congruous to his/ her identity. Ever wondered why you could tell if a beautiful face feels “Chinese” or “Korean”? Why does a nose look “western” or “asian”? The answer is in the “invisible” details that can only be picked up through years of experience looking at, and analyzing faces and noses.

In the melting pot that is Singapore, we have a unique opportunity to appreciate the different cultural concepts of beauty. From our extensive experience working with patients of different cultural backgrounds, we had the privilege to understand these differences that cannot be easily taught in textbook and lectures.


The nose has one other important function that cannot be understated – breathing. Deprived of proper nasal breathing, quality of life suffers. You cannot indulge in your favourite activity or sport unimpeded. You may even be deprived of enjoying the flavours of your favourite cuisine. Disruption of your breathing can also cause snoring, leading to social and health problems. We thus believe that it is imperative to retain, if not improve breathing function in each and every of our rhinoplasty patients.

Post op Care

One of the most overlooked factor is post op care. The are too many stories of rhinoplasties gone wrong simply because of poor post op care. It is especially heartbreaking to see noses destroyed because the diagnosis of post op infection is delayed, or when noses get infected due to poor care. Rhinoplasty is challenging enough as it is, and all controllable factors must be turned in the patient’s favour — especially post op care.


Perhaps the single most important, and underrated factor is safety. Infection and bleeding are the two commonest safety complications. No matter how beautifully you nose may be sculpted, it will mean nothing if it gets infected and cause nasal cartilages to be broken down. This is compounded by the fact that these post infection cases are notoriously difficult to correct and restore.To minimize infection, we take extra pains to ensure that entire process, from pre-op preparation to post-op care is adherent to our strict sterility protocols. We also advocate use of autologous materials as much as possible as this is perhaps the single greatest determinant of your risk of developing post op infections. This means usage of your own septal cartilage, ear cartilage or rib cartilage, as far as possible, or agreeable with the patient.

Bleeding can sometimes occur in the deep recesses of the nose, and being equipped with a nasal endoscope means we can promptly and accurately diagnose and address the source of bleed.

Safety is the basis on which everything else should be considered.

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