Choosing a Surgeon

The Rhinoplasty Clinic Pte Ltd.

Why is it important to go to the right rhinoplasty surgeon?

The first time is always your best chance. Don’t squander it just to face the uphill challenge of undoing damages later. As mentioned before, rhinoplasty is a demanding surgery where you can get complications in either form and/or function. Correcting the bad rhinoplasty results is often difficult and costly. Patients considering septoplasty for breathing problems should likewise think about whether to have augmentation at all, as precious cartilage material required for rhinoplasty is often discarded during septoplasty. After a septoplasty, the options for rhinoplasty in future often include a rib harvest.

How to choose the right surgeon?

Rhinoplasty can be a technically demanding surgery, requiring a good understanding and flair for both the art and science to it. The best rhinoplasty surgeon:

  • has a deep passion and dedicated interest to rhinoplasty
  • deeply understands both the functional and form aspects of rhinoplasty
  • understands your goals and can advise you on the limitations
  • has credentials that you are satisfied with
  • has experience of at least hundreds of cases
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