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Why do some clinics “outside” offer rhinoplasty for such a low price?

a. Rhinoplasty is a family of many procedures. Sometimes the rhinoplasty cost quoted may be surgery of a single “portion”, such as implant insertion, rather than a comprehensive analysis of the entire nose and face. Is that surgeon performing only one “kind” of rhinoplasty? No two persons have exactly the same nose and needs, and rhinoplasty should never be a “one size to fit all” surgery. Discuss with your surgeon what your surgery entails to have a better idea what you are paying for.

b. Consider if there is a need for assessment of function such as nasal endoscopy as this can sometimes mean more cost.

c. Paying for the most expensive surgeon does not necessarily mean the best results, but the converse is more likely to be true. To keep prices lower than the rest, often compromises have to be made somewhere. Bear in mind that a poorly performed surgery may be much more costly to correct in future.

d. In addition, there are other factors to consider, such as

  1. Quality of environment (it is not just an issue of comfort but of safety as well, eg. sterility of operating room)
  2. Quality of care and follow up
  3. Quality of equipment / instruments
  4. Credentials / Training of surgeon performing surgery and the anesthetist taking care of you during the surgery.

Is it insurance claimable?

Cosmetic surgeries are not insurance or medisave claimable. However, functional problems are eligible for claims. If you desire cosmetic nose job enhancements while treating functional problems, you can claim the functional half of the surgery, but will have to pay for the cosmetic portion yourself.

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