On The Rhinoplasty Clinic

The Rhinoplasty Clinic Pte Ltd.

Who are we?

Dr Tan is an ENT surgeon trained in Facial Plastic Surgery. He spent one year fulltime in Seoul to refine his surgical skills in Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic (best plastic surgery clinic in Korea), a high volume rhinoplasty centre in Gangnam. He is deeply intrigued with this beautiful surgery and has spent most of his post training years performing rhinoplasty and giving lectures on his favourite subject to offer the best rhinoplasty results.

Ms Lee is a clinic nursing manager from South Korea who spent many years in the cosmetic circuit in Seoul. Having spent many years in Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic, she too has a special relationship with rhinoplasty.

To this day, both Dr Tan and Ms Lee maintain a close relationship with Shimmian directors Dr Jung Dong Hak, Dr Han Seong Yik and Dr Chang Geun Uek.

Why The Rhinoplasty Clinic? Why just rhinoplasty?

The creation of The Rhinoplasty Clinic is a very natural progression of Dr Tan’s passion in this subject. Dr Tan also believes that only through a dedicated commitment to a craft, can there be a mastery and true competence. He envisions providing evidence-based, proven rhinoplasty results to his patients in the safest and secured way. His inspiration comes from observing the sufferings of so many patients with poorly done nose jobs due to the lack of information. He hopes to be able to educate both patients and young doctors alike to improve the standard of care for rhinoplasty patients.

Why are there no before and after rhinoplasty pictures?

We’d love to show you our results too! Unfortunately, in compliance with Singapore’s Ministry of Health guidelines, before and after pictures are not allowed to be used on Singapore registered clinics’ internet sites.

Do visit us at our clinic and we would be happy to share our results with you!

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