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Implant VS Autologous Rhinoplasty

Implant VS Autologous Rhinoplasty

12-08-56-shutterstock_72428137-207x300Many people think a nose job means inserting of a silicone implant. However, did you know that there is a safer, more natural option than using silicone implants? Autologous Rhinoplasty is peforming rhinoplasty using ONLY material from your own body. That’s right – no artificial foreign material at all for your rhinoplasty!
Many rhinoplasty surgeons now prefer using the autologous method of performing rhinoplasty. This is for good reason. To summarise the difference between two, we can refer to the table below:



Longevity Needs replacement every 10 years or thereabouts Lifetime
Risk of rejection Yes – for as long as implant is present No
Risk of infection High – for as long as implant is present Very Low
Risk of extrusion Yes No
Risk of nasal contraction Yes No
Appearance More dramatic looking More natural looking
Comfort Implant may be uncomfortable Usually feels natural
Surgical time 1-2hour 4-6hours
Additional scars No Yes – but can be managed postop
Technical difficulty Easy Difficult

To put it simply, both have their pros and cons. Implants are convenient and easy to use, but you will face constant problems for as long as the implant is in the nose. Many of these are distressing and complicated to manage and can lead to deformity. On the other hand, Autologous rhinoplasty requires more time and effort, but this also means once you “survive” the recovery period, there is essentially little hassle – no maintenance, no worry, for life!

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